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26/03/2019 · Have most of the 1 and 2 cmc mana dorks, so ill start there. See why they are important. Guess I didn't think it had the same rule as other formats. In modern I have a Hydra deck and 12 mana ramps, guess is makes sense to include mana ramps in edh ha. Oblivious much Thank you Ashnod's altar,utopia mycon I like these. Fertilid is especially efficient as it is both a creature and uses counters to ramp. Now, we still don't have enough mana. Vorinclex and Mirari's Wake should solve the problem nicely, and have some added upsides as well. Finally, Seedborn Muse. Why Ghave on your turn when you can do it.

Popular decks and cards for Ghave, Guru of Spores. 27/10/2013 · Ghave decks love to sacrifice creatures and this card rewards you for doing that. And it's got some obviously good synergy with Ghave if you like going the counter route. Praetor's Counsel is a pet card of mine. I put it into all of my Green decks and have never regretted it. Winning off the back of this card is not terribly uncommon. It's. Over the past several years, the competitive commander format has started to become a bit more streamlined and certain commanders have started to really shine and show just how powerful they can be. Below I am going to list the absolute best commanders in competitive EDH.

Anonymous said: Have you made any competitive EDH posts? Most of yours seem to just be for brewing Answer: This blog focuses very much on brewing. The whole idea of The 8x8 Theory is. In today’s article, Dan will give a brief overview of the majority of commonly seen combos and finishers that competitive EDH decks employ. By Dan May 16, 2019 May 16, 2019 Leave a comment. Featured, Lab Maniacs, Podcasts. Month in Review Podcast – Episode 2: May 2019. I have no budget or any idea of what my meta will be like, I'm just looking for a decent deck to help familiarize myself with the format. Watching Spike Feeders, I've really enjoyed seeing Nin in action and want to try her as my first deck, but I was wondering what you guys thought of her and if there's potentially a better option. Thanks for tuning in to CMDTower and the content we are putting out. Being one of the top sources for EDH and Magic The Gathering content articles, podcasts, hilarious tweets. Be sure to listen each week as every month we are giving away sweet loot to our listeners.

So there you go, the six top archetypes in Commander, a competitive metagame defined. With any commander decklist there’s infinite improvements, tweaks and changes to be made, so take them as a starting point especially the mana bases, as they are based on what I. Competitive EDH takes the great things about Elder Dragon Highlander and pushes them to their extremes. A format that cannot be solved, new and unique decks are constantly emerging to challenge the old guard and push new strategies and lines of play to the forefront.

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